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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pale Horse Brewery Hopyard Dog IPA

Pale Horse Hopyard Dog Double IPA, an imperial IPA entry from recent home brewer-cum-commercial brewer Pale Horse Brewing, poured a yellow-orange hue into the glass with a thick, shell white head fed by tiny carbonation trails on the side of the glass.  The nose was sweet and grassy, with floral and citrusy hops over a sweet bread malt.

Pale Horse Hopyard Dog IPA opened with a mélange of hop flavors; pine, grapefruit, grass, and apricot all detectable.  The light-bodied ale sweetened and changed the perception of the hops, but never graduated from a pleasant background to experience the hops in.  The carbonation kept the hops spicy and lively, and the ale faded in an extended bitter and dry finish.

Pale Horse Hopyard Dog IPA is a great first introduction to Pale Horse, and left me wanting to seek out more of their offerings.  

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