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Monday, August 22, 2011

Beer Here Dark Hops Hoppy Black Ale

Beer Here Dark Hops Hoppy Black Ale, a Danish take on the CDA from Beer Here, poured blacker than most stouts into the glass, with no observable carbonation and a thick, frothy tan head.  The nose is strong and aggressive with coffee and unsweetened chocolate, with citrus and pine hops adding zip to the finish and a bit of smoke. 

Beer Here Dark Hops Hoppy Black Ale opened with hops briefly leading the charge with fruity, pleasantly skunky notes before a huge smoky, chocolate-coffee malt body thickened and took over.  The ale stayed smooth throughout, and an inordinate amount of earthy and savory flavors passed the palette as the ale slowly faded and dried in the finish.

Beer Here Dark Hops is has a malt profile that puts most stouts to shame and enough hops to catch the attention of any IPA drinker.  The ale drinks a bit thicker and stronger than most CDAs found on this side of the Atlantic, and has enough alcohol to make this a great cold-weather, late evening treat. 

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