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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale

Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale, Ninkasi Brewing’s seasonal offering, poured a light amber hue into the glass with a sticky white head.  The nose was led by lemon, hay, and pine hops.

Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale opened sweet and sticky, with a fairly neutral sweet malt profile before the lemon and resinous pine from the hops came through.  The ale carried through earthy and vegetative notes, but the hops never really subsided and ended on a slightly off, bitter fade.

Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale is a pretty good summer ale, light for Ninkasi (big and full-bodied for most breweries), and understandably enjoys popularity in Southern Oregon, but, with only a few small adjustments standing between a “good” ale and a “great” ale, I think Ninkasi could benefit greatly from a bit more balancing.

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