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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Fist Imperial Amber Ale

Clown Shoes Eagle Fist Claw Imperial Amber Ale, an interesting style offering from Clown Shoes, poured an aged brick red into the glass, with a long lasting beige head floating over a well carbonated body.  The nose carried through huge amounts of caramel malt with faint hints of pine and citrus in the background. 

At the first sip, Clown Shoes Eagle Fist Claw Imperial Amber Ale did a complete 180 from the nose, with hops leading the charge.  The hop flavors are a bit muddled, giving the ale a bit less character and definition than most imperials, and the malt profile offered a surprising roasted accent to the medium body.   The ale ended on an extended, dry and bitter fade.

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