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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seven Brides Brewing Frankenlou's IPA

Seven Brides Frankenlou's IPA, an as-of-yet unlisted IPA offering from Seven Brides Brewing, poured a dark, iced tea color into the pint glass, with mild carbonation feeding an ample, bone-white head.  The nose carried an even balance of vanilla, caramel, and grapefruit.

Seven Brides Brewing Frankenlou's IPA opened with a surprisingly creamy start before a wave of grapefruit rind hops took over.  The was a very subtle sweetness that came through before a raw hop bitterness took over in the fade.

Seven Brides Brewing Frankenlou's IPA is an interesting beer to drink given all the context they try to add on the label.  105 IBUs doesn't come through (unless we are counting the unpleasantly bitter fade the ale had), and it was distractingly creamy and malt-heavy for an IPA.  It certainly isn't a bad beer, but it would have held  its own better if it didn't shoot for a ridiculously big beer.

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