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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Widmer Nelson O’Rye-Ly Rye IPA

WidmerNelson O’Rye-Ly Rye IPA, a test batch (I believe their second) from Widmer Brothers and intended to be part of their upcoming Rotator IPA series, settled a clear mahogany hue in the glass with mild carbonation and a thick white head.  The nose was a mix of rye and sweet, tropical notes. 
Widmer Nelson O’Rye-Ly Rye IPA opened with a warm, dark rye start accompanied by an escalating bitterness.  The ale quickly transitioned into a fruity middle of tropical and stone fruits.  The ale ended bitter and sweet with no lingering rye flavors.

Widmer Nelson O’Rye-Ly Rye IPA is worth checking out and I am curious to see if they tinker with the recipe some more before its final release.  In my opinion, the rye could have stood out more rather than sitting awkwardly under a too sweet tropical fruit hoppiness.

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