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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caldera Brewing Mogli Imperial Porter

Caldera Mogli Chocolate Bourbon Oak-Aged Imperial Porter, a taproom only offering from Caldera Brewing, cloudy brown in the glass with orange highlights and slow moving, mild carbonation.  There was no head to speak of, and the nose was led by chocolate and light hints of coffee. 

Caldera Mogli Imperial Porter opened with a powdery, dry chocolate start before sweetening up and thickening into a creamy, milk chocolate middle.  The fade was long and sweet, with a chocolate malt finish. 

Caldera Mogli Imperial Porter is well regarded in the tap room, and its almost milkshake-like body and chocolate flavors could likely seduce the most adamant beer-hater.  Despite an ABV of 8.5%, there is no hint of the alcohol hidden within.  To my taste, it was a bit too big and lacked nuance.

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