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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ninkasi Brewing Nuptiale Cream Ale

Ninkasi Nuptiale Cream Ale, a new offering from Ninkasi Brewing currently only available in their summer seasonal 4-pack, poured a clear, iced tea color into the glass, topped with a foamy head fed by mild carbonation.  The standard "Ninkasi Pine Hops" aroma was loud and present in the nose, only slightly tamed by a sweet caramel malt note.

Ninkasi Brewing Nuptiale Cream Ale opened light and surprisingly tangy, almost like a cream soda with off flavors.  As the ale settled, the sour "off" flavor mellowed, allowing more of the vanilla and caramel to coat the mouth with a sticky, creamy viscosity.  A slight bitterness was detectable in the fade, although the strong hop aroma never really made it to the actual taste.

I try to avoid comparisons between styles, but I feel the need to in this case- Ninkasi Nuptiale Cream Ale comes off as a more refined and richer Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema.  Both have a tang that seems out of place to me, but considering the ongoing success of the AV offering, I would imagine Ninkasi will please a lot of people (just not me) with their Nuptiale Cream Ale.

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