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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ise Kadoya Triple Hop Pale Ale

Ise Kadoya Triple Hop Pale Ale, a beer crafted by Sake and Miso master Ise Kadoya, poured a straw color with crimson highlights, topped with a thick, fluffy head.  The nose was extremely hoppy, with pine and pineapple aromas leading the charge.

Ise Kadoya Triple Hop Pale Ale opened with a bitter hop start, surprisingly lacking in the characteristics hinted at in the nose.  As the ale settled, a crisp malt background came through to support what little fruity aspects came through from the hops.  The ale faded in a bitter but extremely crisp linger.

Ise Kadoya Triple Hop Pale Ale is a bit of an oddity, especially to a West Coast crowd... it is aggressively hopped and bitter beyond anything from the other side of the pond.  At the same time, the ale is so crisp it almost comes off as lacking in body and an ABV of 5% seems almost out of place in such a vigorously hopped ale.

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