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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elysian Bete Blanche Tripel

Elysian Bete Blanche Tripel, a take on the Belgian-style Tripel by Elysian Brewing, poured with heavy carbonation into the glass, settling into a clear hay color with a thin white head.  Most detectable in the nose was a funky, dry yeast base of pepper and clove with some banana in the background.

Elysian Bete Blanche Tripel began with a dry, yeasty start before bringing to the forefront notes of banana and subtle clove.  The ale ended on a slightly sweet fade, likely from the Belgian candy sugar added in the boil.

Elysian Bete Blanche Tripel hit most of the style guidelines to be considered a representative Tripel, but like so many of Elysian’s offerings fell short of being memorable.

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