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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bridgeport Summer Squeeze Bright Ale

Bridgeport Summer Squeeze Bright Ale, a seasonal offering from Bridgeport, poured a clear, green tea hue into the glass, topped with a white head supported by  strong carbonation.  Lemon and pepper lead the nose with a dry, funky yeast undertone.

Bridgeport Summer Squeeze Bright Ale opened bright and carbonated, with yuzu fruit hitting the palette sweet and light before giving way to lemon, a peppery spiciness, and hop bitterness.   The core body of the ale was nondescript and it faded on slightly bitter, lemon rind note.

Despite my aversion to many mass-produced, fruit-infused ales, Bridgeport Summer Squeeze Bright Ale was surprisingly enjoyable and drinkable.  I would have preferred they walked away from the yuzu fruit and focused on highlighting the spicy citrus of the lemongrass, but that’s why I just brewed a batch of lemongrass rye ale.

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