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Friday, May 20, 2011

Schmaltz Brewing He’Brew Rejewvenator Half Doppelbock, Half Dubbel

Schmaltz Brewing’s He’Brew  line is always a go-to for interesting, slightly left of the middle beers, so let’s see what Schmaltz Brewing He’Brew Rejewvenation has to offer.

Schmaltz Brewing He’Brew Rejewvenation poured a hazy hay color into the glass with a muddled tan head.  The nose was strong, with caramel, dates, and a dry white wine aroma.

Schmaltz Brewing He’Brew Rejewvenation opened with a big, sweet bread malty start, caramel and dried, pitted fruits standing out.  Cloves and sugar started to take hold as a jammy, thick fruit center established itself.  As the ale began to fade, a dry, dusty white wine grape taste mellowed out the thickness and balance the sweetness in the long finish. 

Schmaltz Brewing He’Brew Rejewvenation is an interesting attempt, a rudely American fruit bomb take on a hybrid of Belgian styles.  It is unique enough to recommend to anyone looking to push their horizons, but would be unlikely to make anyone’s must have list.

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