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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hale’s Ales Wee Heavy Winter Ale

I undoubtedly picked this up a little off-season, but the last offering from Hale’s Ales looked too good to pass up, and winter ales tend to hold their own long past the first thaw…

Hale’s Ales Wee Heavy Winter Ale settled a hazy chestnut color in the glass, with suspended yeast slowly settling below the thick, brown head.  Coffee, figs, and burnt sugar led the nose.

Hale’s Ales Wee Heavy Winter Ale had a thick, creamy start of coffee and light citrus that quickly darkened into a cacao nib and latte body.  Some of the darker flavors took on a slight sweetness as the ale faded, and subtle burnt notes came through at the finish.

Hale’s Ales Wee Heavy Winter Ale is one of the few Wee Heavies I have tried, so I’m not quite sure how to bench mark it.  Sweet and heavy like a barley wine without the cloy, bright and floral like a CDA, but not enough hops to compare… it’s a nice winter warmer.

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