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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tsingtao Beer Chinese Lager

Probably the most prolific beers in Asian restaurants around the US, the Tsingtao brewery is up tonight with Tsingtao Chinese Lager, which makes the audacious claim of being the biggest consumer export out of China.

Tsingtao Chinese Lager settled into a crystal –clear weak yellow with a tiny, loose white head and a mild amount of carbonation.  The nose was a little skunky and mostly comprised of wet rice and grain.

Tsingtao Chinese Lager opened flat and as non-descript as most import lagers.   There were peculiar notes of lime and lemon interrupted by moments of unpleasant sweetness, but all in all the beer drank slightly better than it smelled.

I wouldn’t recommend this beer unless you’ve got some serious heat in your meal and want a beverage to cool you down without hop spice or a dangerous ABV. 

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