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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gold Hill Brewery Hank’s Porter

The weather is a little colder today, so I’m choosing another beer my parents were kind enough to bring from Gold Hill Brewery, their Gold Hill Brewery Hank’s Porter.

Gold Hill Brewery Hank’s Porter poured a sticky yellow head over a mildly carbonated dark brown body highlighted with dark orange near the edges.  There wasn’t a lot of aroma to the porter, but notes of earthy chocolate and coffee were present. 
Gold Hill Brewery Hank’s Porter had a nicely carbonated and acidic start that cleared the palette in preparation for the silky chocolate core of the porter.  It was extremely smooth and thick; coating the mouth with an extended slightly sweet but dry finish. 

Gold Hill Brewery Hank’s Porter was a pleasant surprise after being let down by their Axe Pic’n Stout.  It certainly falls on the thicker and more filling side of the porter spectrum, but it manages to throw in classic porter flavors without feeling too big or strong.

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