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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Belgium Ranger India Pale Ale

The final “surprise” in the mixed sixer from New Belgium Brewing, New Belgium Ranger India Pale Ale.

New Belgium Ranger IPA poured honey-hued and clear. A slightly off-white head that was small but sticky floated above a flat body with no observable carbonation, and the nose was floral and dark. 

New Belgium Ranger IPA began with a well carbonated front complimented by a subdued hop front. The hops were herby with some pine and had an almost tobacco-like note.  The body darkened up and almost became a burnt taste as it faded.  Ranger IPA ended with a lot of bitterness, not entirely pleasant, but thankfully no New Belgium yeast.

New Belgium Ranger IPA breaks away from the traditional New Belgium yeast-strain, and benefits for it.  It adheres more closely to the NW-style IPA, with more focus on pine and sap than citrus, and other than an overly-bitter finish it fits right in line as a good, but not great, IPA.

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