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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ninkasi ReNewAle Mason's Irish-Style Red Ale

In keeping with all things Irish, I'm tipping back another Ninkasi brew... Ninkasi ReNewAle Mason's Irish-Style Red Ale, Ninkasi Brewing's New Year release, a new release between their winter and spring seasonals.  

Ninkasi ReNewAle Irish Red Ale poured a copper red into the glass, topped with a lumpy yellow head propped by minimum carbonation.  The nose was dominated by toasted wheat and stewed plums.  

Ninkasi ReNewAle Irish Red Ale had a crisp hop front without a lot of hop flavor.  The body was light but toasty malts and very bread-heavy.  The ale ended dry and earthy.

I don't know... this ale didn't really do it for me.  It lacks that special something other Ninkasi ales have, and as such manages to deliver a perfectly drinkable, but underachieved, experience.

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