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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dogfish Head Burton Baton Oak-Aged Imperial IPA

Dogfish Head Burton Baton Oak-Aged Imperial IPA poured a crimson mahogany, extremely hazy and mildly carbonated with a thin white head.  The nose reminded me of an extreme IPA... stewed citrus, pine, whiskey, and vanilla.  

Dogfish Head Burton Baton drank with a rich hop front that eased into a sweet vanilla and caramel body.  The ale lingered for quite a while and ended on a sweet note of brown sugar, vanilla, and ripe fruit with a sticky mouth feel.  

Like many of the more experimental offerings from Dogfish Head, Burton Barton is more an experience and challenge than your average ale.  There is a lot going on with this Imperial IPA, and the oak, more felt than tasted, adds an extra level of intensity to the event.  The ABV of 10% is well hidden, but the sweetness and thickness of the ale made for a beer I was as happy to be done with by the end of the bottle as I was to drink it for the first half.

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