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Monday, March 7, 2011

Caldera Brewing IPA

Caldera Brewing strikes again… this time in their original release, canned format aesthetic.

Caldera Brewing IPA poured a clear, bright yellow in the glass with a loose white head, medium carbonation, and slight orange hues in the center.  The nose was strong… floral and fruity.

Caldera Brewing IPA drank as refreshing as a soda (the can, no doubt, adding a subconscious tactile association), bold and bright up front with ample carbonation to stimulate the taste buds supporting a delicate flower and orange citrus flavor.  The body of the beer was a bit strange… it maintained its thirst-quenching drinkability, but gained a slightly toasted note that gave a dry cocoa flavor to the ale, blending with the sweet orange hops to make almost a liquor-like perfume.  The IPA ended with a slight bitter finish.

Everything about Caldera Brewing IPA screams summer beer; from its eco-friendly portability  to the balance of refreshingness and depth, this beer can sit in equally at ease as a session beer or a sipping treat.  

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