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Monday, March 7, 2011

Alameda Klickitat Pale Ale

Today’s tasting hails from a Portland-based brewery unknown to me, Alameda Brewing, featuring somewhat garish Native American artwork on the label and named after the southern Washington-based tribe who lived between the coast and the cascades; the Klickitat… Alameda Brewing Klickitat Pale Ale. 

Alameda Klickitat Pale Ale poured crimson with yellow highlights and a non-descript head.  The nose was dominated by dry grain and nuts, and was almost off-putting.

Alameda Klickitat Pale Ale had a front that was crisp with hops but a little flat in carbonation, led by subtle citrus notes with hints of nutmeg.  The ale quickly changed to an incredibly dry, toasted nut and cardboard body that lingered, half there, through the finish.

For a Pacific Northwest brewery in the heart of the hop-coast to brew a clearly Northwest inspired pale ale and have it be so dry and lacking in hops is something of a mystery to me.  The ale has more in common with European counterparts, and there is something about the malt profile that almost tasted off throughout the tasting.  

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