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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ninkasi Brewing Co. Total Domination IPA

Day three of the hop-celebration led me to one of my tried-and-true IPAs... another outstanding offering from Ninkasi Brewing Co.  After an evening of birthday celebrations, I chose to hold off on the big guns and dive into a 22oz bottle of Ninkasi Brewing Co.'s Total Domination IPA.

Total Domination IPA poured a yellow auburn (I swore I saw shades of green) with what I've noticed is the typical sudsy foam of an IPA and continued light bubbling.  The nose was unadulterated hops, heavy on the pine with lemon essences playing a not-too-distant second. 

The first sip showed what this IPA was all about... big hops flavor.  An aggressive front assault of the pine and lemon previewed in the nose quickly overwhelmed (dare I say... dominated) my taste buds.  There really wasn't a malt backing of any substance to carry the beer forward, and it ended on a sustained, bitter note that lingered and thickened in my mouth. 

I love this IPA... probably because of it's somewhat two dimensional characteristics.  This is an IPA for people who like their coffee black, their hard alcohol neat, and their cigars bold.  It is certainly drinkable enough to be a session beer, and is by no means inapproachable for the casual beer drinker, but it's charm lies in it's uncompromising Pacific Northwest approach to the IPA.

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