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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bridgeport Big Brews Hop Harvest Ale

Sticking with the seriously hopped IPA theme, I grabbed something new from Bridgeport Brewing.  Bridgeport is the oldest brewery in Oregon, and they've added a new line of beers called the Bridgeport Big Brews series to compliment their more typical and traditional offerings.  It appears the theme of the Big Brews series is limited release brews only made available in 22oz bottles (I'm sure they are available at the brewery as well).  When I saw the Bridgeport Big Brews Hop Harvest Ale, promising to be created around the concept of one hour between harvest and brewing of the hops, I had to give it a shot. 

In the glass, Bridgeport Hop Harvest Ale was a murky orange with sticky foam and a nose of piny hops with hints of sweet malt supporting it.

Bridgeport Hop Harvest Ale drank bright and light, with a flat, dry mineral taste dominated by orange blossom.  The ale faded surprisingly clean, leaving hints of grapefruit rind.

Another incredibly drinkable beer... less strong or hoppy than most IPAs despite it's claim of being a triple hopped, imperial style ale.  At 6.56% ABV, it is also on the tamer side for an IPA.  I really enjoyed this beer, and think it's a more thirst-quenching version of the traditional hop-centric ale.

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