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Friday, January 28, 2011

Widmer Brothers' Reserve Barrel Aged Brrrbon

Time for another big brew... this time from the brothers Widmer

Extravagantly packaged in a ribboned cardboard display box, Widmer Reserve Barrel Aged Brrrbon takes the Widmer Brrr Seasonal Ale to the next level by barrel aging Brrr in Kentucky bourbon casks for four months.

Widmer Reserve Brrrbon poured a hazy brown with yellow highlights and a thin, sticky head.  The nose was dominated by whiskey with notes of vanilla and sugar. 

The first taste gave hints of hops that didn't have a chance to solidify before smokey, caramel bourbon took over.  After that, the beer drank like a pale ale overshadowed by a half a shot of whiskey.  Brrrbon was surprisingly dry, with just hints of sweetness, and it had an alcohol burn aftermath akin to hard alcohol.

Despite (or because?) of the experience, I was able to appreciate what Brrrbon brought to the table and thoroughly enjoyed the bottle.  That said... I don't anticipate buying another one this season but look forward to trying future Widmer Brothers' Reserve recipes.  Give it a shot and live a little!

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