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Friday, January 14, 2011

Anchor Steam Beer

After another long but rewarding day of trade show shenanigans and countless post-show obligations, I'm ready to sit back, let my feet breathe and my legs relax, and enjoy one of the original California microbrew... Anchor Steam Beer.

In the glass, Anchor Steam was a crystal-clear copper color with a loosely bubbled head and light carbonation trails. The nose was malty with slight herb notes.

Anchor Steam came on a creamy, if a little watery, on the front end of the initial taste, with a definite foam feel preceding any identifiable flavor. As the foamy coating subsided, light bitter hops came through but quickly yielded to a buttery whole-grain dough that lingered quietly in the mouth for an extended period of time.

Anchor Steam Beer manages to avoid hitting either high or low notes, and is subdued even for the typical amber ale. It does have sufficient character and depth to show it's microbrew roots and is incredibly easy to drink. Add Anchor Steam to the list of good beers that are approachable to the casual beer drinker looking to dip their toes into the world of microbrews.

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  1. You mentioned a couple days ago that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was one of your first "fancy beers". Anchor Steam Beer was mine. Like most people, my earliest beer experiences were restricted to the mass produced American lagers. In my first year of college, someone handed me an Anchor Steam Beer, and it was a revelation. I discovered that beer was not just for intoxication; I became aware that beer could actually taste good!