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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black Diamond Jagged Edge IPA

Black Diamond Jagged Edge IPA, a standard line offering from Black Diamond Brewing, poured a hazy orange into the glass, with yellow and green highlights disturbed by slow carbonation trails.  The nose carried through a strong aroma of toasted cereal malt supported by undertones of grapefruit and lawn.

Black Diamond Jagged Edge IPA opened with the toasted cereal in the nose dominating the palette for the first few seconds before slowly being offset by a touch of citrus rind bitterness.  A warm, dark and sweet orange flavor came through in the middle over a soft bill of grass and spruce that led to a gentle, dry fade with lingering bitterness.

Black Diamond Jagged Edge IPA is a heated, less bold take on the IPA-style that won't satisfy most hop heads as the hop prominence falls short of "West Coast", but there is a lot to admire about the ale.  As a regular drinker I could see it filling in nicely, but when I reach for an IPA I'm looking for something a bit more brash.  

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