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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uinta Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale

Uinta Monkshine Belgian Style Blonde Ale, an organic offering from Utah-based Uinta Brewing, poured a golden hue with the slightest tinge of pink with heavy carbonation and a thing white head.  The nose carried forward orchard fruit and wine grapes, with a hint of spice somewhere between white pepper and alcohol heat.

Uinta Monkshine Belgian Blonde opened crisp and light, with sweet pear and grapes opening the experience against a slightly musty background.  The sweetness thickened and darkened as the ale warmed, and it ended with the peppery spice and alcohol heat hinted at in the nose.

Uinta Monkshine Belgian Blonde Ale brought the right amount of funk and farmhouse to the table, but was a tad sweeter than most ales I have tried in this style.  Overall, Monkshine is a good ale, but tastes a little unrefined and young.

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