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Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Skulls Buccaneer Bacon Lager

"What the hell I was thinking picking up a beer made with bacon?!?" I asked myself as I cracked open Three Skulls Buccaneer Bacon Lager, a lager made by Seattle's Three Skulls Ales that has additions of beechwood smoked malt (yay!) and bacon (eh?).  The lager poured a clear, weak gold color with heavy carbonation and an incredibly short lived head.  The nose was led by a combination of corn and sweat, with plenty of slightly-off aromas detectable beneath the surface, but almost no smoke, maple. or pork.  

Three Skulls Ales Buccaneer Bacon Lager opened with the expected lager brightness but quickly flattened out into a carbonation-less soup of wet malt and creamed corn.  The lager thickened up and became creamier as it faded to a smokey (most assuredly just from the smoked malts) end with just the slightest hint of bacon flavor.  Disturbingly, after the flavors faded my mouth was left coated as if I had swigged oil or bacon grease.

Sometimes life is about pushing your comfort zone, or just enjoying a novel, guilty pleasure.  This is about the only reason one should pick up this lager.  It tastes too "off" to be a decent beer, lacks the rich, punchy flavor of bacon that could have offset this, and is truly unpleasant after it coats the mouth.  Here's to trying, rhymes with...

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