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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale (2011)

As I'm reaching the end of the year, I'm starting to lap winter releases from last year.  Oh well, it wouldn't be winter without the latest brewing of Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale by Deschutes Brewing.  Jubelale poured the color of stained cherrywood into the glass (slightly lighter than last year) with a brilliant red center when held to the light.  The head was soapy and off-white.  Dark malt flavors dominated the nose, with roasted grains and a hint of stewed cherries in the far background.  

Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale opened with a creamy, sweet start of caramel that slowly dried out as the roasted notes came forward and the ale ended with a toasty dryness that fell just short of the burnt undertones I expected. 

The 2011 release of Deschutes Jubelale Strong Ale seems significantly less focused on the coffee and chocolate roasted notes of the prior release, and while it lacks a bit of the snap and hop freshness of 2010, it is a bit more easy drinking due to the lack of heavy, dark flavors.  

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  1. Ohhhh - the painful reminder that we have no Deschutes (and more distressing, no Chris) on the East Coast! This holiday season sucks! LalaG