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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Ale

Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Ale, a holiday offering from Boulevard Brewing, poured a hazy orange into the glass with red tints on the sides and a big, creamy white head fed by lazy carbonation.  The nose was spiced with typical Chinook pepper and floral, herbaceous notes.  

Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Ale opened slightly watery before gaining a pleasant crispness that ultimately settled into a rising sweetness before picking up a faint bitterness in the fade.  Sweet orange sat beside slightly dry cereal malt to make the ale a laid-back, tame experience.

Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Ale is a bit of an oddity for a holiday ale- it is fairly light in color and body, doesn't have spice additions, and it lacks the high ABV that accompanies most winter ales.  There is nothing wrong with this ale (it's actually quite enjoyable), but it doesn't do much to stand out from the crowded shelves of pale and red ales at most grocery stores.

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