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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bend Brewing Ching Ching Pomegranate and Hibiscus Berliner Weisse

Bend Brewing Ching Ching Hibiscus Berliner Weisse, an award-winning but  not regularly available sour ale from Bend Brewing Co, poured the color of rose wine with heavy curtains of carbonation feeding a thin, spritzer head.  The nose was sour, with dry grains and a touch of vinegar over very subtle notes of hibiscus.  

Bend Brewing Ching Ching Sour Ale opened puckeringly sour with a subtle, underlying vinegar.  As the tartness subsided, hibiscus and unripe pomegranate dame through, similar to the semi-sweet hibiscus tea made in Mexico.  The ale ended with an understated but supportive sweetness that rounded out the drinking experience.  The fade had an airy, tea-like quality to it and the vigorous carbonation kept things light and soda-like throughout.  

Bend Brewing Ching Ching Berliner Weisse was my favorite discovery on my last trip to bend, and I'm sorry to see the last bottle gone.  Truly a unique and exciting beer drinking experience.  

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