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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Beer Dinner!!!

Since I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, I decided to get a little adventurous and have an all-beer Thanksgiving dinner, with each dish prepared with some type of beer, while trying to keep it a cohesive whole.  Here is the rundown-

-New Belgium Tripel, Tangerine, and Fennel Brined Turkey- Very succulent and flavorful with the beer and citrus never overpowering the turkey flavor.  

-New Belgium Tripel Sourdough Stuffing- The stuffing actually carried through a bit more of the beer and citrus flavors than the turkey, but it was still so subtle no one would have known other than there was a pleasant "otherness" going on.

-Deschutes Dissident Sour Cranberry Cherry Sauce- I don't like canned cranberry sauce, and I've never really craved cranberry sauce with my turkey, but this stood out with the complexity of the honey, sour ale, and fresh vanilla bean.

-Deschutes Jubelale Roasted Potatoes, Fennel, and Brussels Sprouts- Just standard fair, tasty roasted veggies.

-New Belgium Tripel Turkey Gravy- There wasn't enough, if that says anything :)

-Blue Moon Winter Ale Butter Biscuits- This was an afterthought, but a welcome addition by daughter slammed down.

-Homebrew Pumpkin Ale Butternut Squash- Slightly sweeter and more spiced than mashed potatoes, way less sweet than any sweet potato dish I've tried, those who wanted savory used gravy and were happy, those who wanted sweet used a little cinnamon sugar.

-Homebrew Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Pecan Crunch with Pumpkin Ale Whipped Cream- The pecans/butter/cinnamon caramelization on top made dish for me.  

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