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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rogue John John Juniper Pale Ale and Rogue Pink Spruce Whiskey

Another John John pairing from Rogue Brewing, I poured Rogue John John Juniper Ale, pale ale brewed with juniper berries and aged in oak barrels used for aging gin, alongside their Rogue Spirits Pink Spruce Gin.  

Rogue Spirits Pink Spruce Gin poured a dull, pink-tinged golden hue into the glass, with a strong nose of juniper, grapefruit, lime, and a sharp alcohol bite.  Drank, Rogue Pink Spruce Gin tasted like a sweet greyhound, with grapefruit leading aver juniper and a noticeable pink lemonade flavor.  

Rogue Brewing John John Spruce Ale poured a clear golden color with subtle pink highlights into the glass with heavy carbonation feeding a tight, white head.  The nose carried forward notes of juniper and hops, but they were pretty subdued.  John John Spruce Ale drank like a more resinous, light bodied IPA than a pale ale, and the juniper only showed up in the lingering, slightly bitter end.

The ale and gin certainly shared common territory, but there was a softness and creaminess to the John John Juniper Ale (likely from the oaking) that made it not sit beside the Rogue Pink Spruce Gin as well as I hoped. Both are excellent on their own, however.

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