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Friday, November 18, 2011

Boneyard Brewing Taster (Bend, OR)

A little north of my hotel was Boneyard Brewing, a newer brewery in the Bend area clearly catering to the locals.  Production limitations have kept them from canning their beer up to this point, so their beer is only available through the tap room and on select taps around town.  Wednesday was locals day, and there was a steady line of people looking to get their growlers filled for $6 as early as 12:00pm.  Co-owner Melodee Storey was pouring.

Boneyard Girl Beer Cherry Wheat Ale- The Boneyard "Beermosa" held soft notes of cherry over prickly carbonation, with semi-sweet wheat pulling out the lightest of tartness from the cherries.

Boneyard The Backbone Chocolate Espresso Stout- This beer was a pretty standard chocolate stout offering, more heavy on coffee flavors than chocolate, but it's all there and accounted for.  The nose carried aromas of the chocolate and coffee additions more than is found in the taste.

Boneyard Femme Fatale Sour Ale- Not a true sour ale (they are working towards making this a true sour with Brett, but aren't quite ready to introduce contaminants into their brewery), Femme Fatale did bring some tartness and a touch of vinegar (they aren't saying how) to a light malt base, with raspberries (which actually were added) and cherries (which I don't believe were) dominating.  An interesting ale, and a mild introduction to the world of sours, but it lacks the complexity and specialness of a true, sour fermentation.

SkunkApe IRA India Red Ale- SkumkApe Red ale had a nice, citrus and pine IPA hop profile with a bigger, semi-sweet malt backbone.  The citrus flavors leaned more to the sweet and fruity side.

RPM IPA India Pale Ale- I was fortunate to get the last pour before the keg blew, and have to say the RPM IPA was my favorite of the Boneyard lineup.  Tropical, fruity notes in both the nose and the flavor dominate for a very special type of NW IPA.

Armored Fist Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale- Big, black, thick, and heavy in the mouth, Armored Fist is one of the biggest, strongest CDAs I have tried.  The alcohol was well hidden, but the dark malts at least matched, if not overpowered, the hops.  I would argue this is more of a hoppy porter than a dark IPA, but either way, it was delicious.

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