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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Frog Big Dipa No. 3 Imperial IPA

Blue Frog The Big DIPA No. 3 Imperial IPA, a big Double/Imperial IPA from Fairfield, CA Blue Frog Grog & Grill, poured a mostly clear amber into the glass, with clingy carbonation bubbles surrounding the sides and a thin, lacy head on top.  The nose carried through the expected aromas of pine and citrus, with the pine taking a more earthy, herbal tone and the citrus carrying forward sweetness over soft caramel.

Blue Frog Big DIPA No. 3 opened thick and sweet, with caramel and a slight off-note of old grain crushing most of the hops detected in the nose.  Bitterness and citric qualities did come through as the ale warmed, but they were never able to overtake the malts, were over-spiced with the heat of the alcohol, and left on a slightly disappointing bitterness without flavor.

Blue Frog Big DIPA IPA isn't a terrible beer, but there are so many better, more balanced offerings in this style that it is hard to recommend.  Too much malt, not enough hops.

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