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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Avery Karma Belgian-style Pale Ale

Another Kumas Corner find, Avery Karma Belgian-style Pale Ale from Boulder-based Avery Brewing, poured a cloudy black-brown with a thick, creamy head.  The nose carried a fruity, dark citrus with it an little of the Belgian-funk I was warned to “look out for”.  The aroma was more indicative of a spiced American Pale Ale than anything Belgian-inspired.

Avery Karma opened with a well balanced, healthily carbonated contrast of hops and light malt, with a sweet orange flavor leading the charge.  Although difficult to describe, the hops were more tasted and smelt than bitter, resulting in a slightly uneven tasting experience after multiple sips.  The Belgian yeast brought a soft, subdued spice to the dry fade, but was otherwise mostly absent.

Avery Karma Belgian Pale Ale is an interesting beer…  it doesn’t hit any of the expected style notes, and has a number of bizarre recipe choices (one of the first ales I have tried where the hops had flavor but no bitterness), but it isn’t an ale I regret drinking… in fact I ordered a second!

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