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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Allagash Tripel

Allagash Tripel, a year-long Belgian offering from Portland, MN based Allagash Brewing, poured a foggy lemonade hue into the glass, well carbonated and topped with a large, creamy head.  The nose was spicy and fruity, with banana, orange, and apricot lending a sweet and sour juxtaposition that was near perfect.

Allagash Tripel hit the tongue creamy but bright, with orchard fruit leading the charge over white pepper, clove, and a fizzy citrus.  Earthier notes of coriander and soft farmhouse funk floated by as the ale settled, and flavors from across the fruit spectrum made appearances; melon, pineapple, lemongrass.  The ale ended on a spectacular note of sweet, spicy tartness.

Allagash Tripel is one of those rare ales that is pretty much flawless.  Get one… I’m already looking for another.

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