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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Uinta Crooked Detour Double India Pale Ale

Uinta Crooked Detour Double IPA, part of Uinta Brewing’s Crooked Line, poured a clear, mild orange hue with a thick, creamy tan head.  The nose carried through a large amount of sweet caramel malt and was surprisingly subdued in the hop department, with just a touch of stewed orange coming through.

Uinta Crooked Detour Double India Pale Ale opened with moderate caramel and malt sweetness and a slightly oily mouth feel before the hops came through.  The hops carried a fairly two dimensional profile of dark citrus and pine, with moments of peach poking through.  Bitterness crept through in the extended fade, as did some of the alcohol heat. 

All in all, Uinta Crooked Detour Double IPA is a good beer, but probably one of the weaker offerings from the Crooked line.  Neither the hop bomb most imperial IPA drinkers are looking for nor complex in composition, this ale tasted just a bit too generic to be in such elaborate packaging.  

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