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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Three Monkeys Manhattan Pub Flight

One of the more quirky and interesting pubs I found in mid-town Manhattan was The Three Monkeys.  Openly supporting the craft beer community, this little bar/restaurant featured 36 taps of beers from near and far, and I opted for the New York Flight to get a taste of what's being brewed locally.

Ithaca Flower Power IPA- Although slightly weak when compared to a West coast IPA, Flower Power was reasonably well balanced and had a slightly earthier hop tone than most IPAs.  Interesting, but underwhelming for any hophead, or honestly, anyone looking for a good representation of an IPA.

Blue Point Toasted Lager- The second toasted lager I have tried, Blue Point Toasted Lager had the slightness and smoothness of a lager with a roasted, toasty malt dryness that gave it a bit more body and girth.

Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale- Nothing exceptional to report here... an average, generic pale ale.

Ommegang BPA Belgian Pale Ale- This was an interesting ale, and certainly the right way to end the flight.  Opening with a crisp, slightly citrusy classic American pale ale start, the Belgian yeast quickly took over and added layers of spice and depth as the list caramel malt background came through.  Highlight of the flight, for sure.

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