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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stone-Troegs Collaboration Cherry Chocolate Stout

Another collaboration led by Stone Brewing, Stone Collaboration Cherry Chocolate Stout poured a dark black with red highlights on the edges when the light hit it topped by a small, beige head.  The nose carried through strong roasted malt, dusty bakers chocolate, with a slight cherry tartness in the background.

Stone Collaboration Cherry Chocolate Stout opened with strong, tart cherry on the tip of the tongue and a touch of sweetness by the time it hit the back of the mouth.  Dark chocolate rose up as the stout settled, met with a touch of dark, molasses like sugar.  As the stout faded, the chocolate and earthier tones faded to a somewhat anemic, cherry-centric fade.

Stone Collaboration Cherry Chocolate Stout is a good idea that could use a little more backbone in the malt and chocolate.  The cherries stood out a bit too much for my liking, with the tartness providing an odd juxtaposition to the dry malt profile.  Points where points are due for not going too sweet, but the wimpy end left me wanting more out of it. 

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