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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seven Brides Oatmeal Ellie Stout

Seven Brides Oatmeal Ellie Stout, one of seven offerings from Seven Brides Brewing, poured a thick black with red highlights into the pint glass, with a creamy brown head tinged with orange.  The nose carried forward notes of roasted grains, cry cocoa, milk chocolate, and a hint of coffee.

Seven Brides Ellie Oatmeal Stout hit the mouth bone dry, with just a touch of underlying green apple before the grains came through.  The stout was defined by its subdued, roasted middle with a slight burnt note.  Ellie stout exhibited no bitterness, and ended on a dusty, cocoa power fade.

Seven Brides Oatmeal Ellie is a light bodied stout that brings all the flavor and depth of a stout-style without the thickness or ABV (less than 5%!).  If there was a category along the lines of "winter session beer" this would be a strong contender.

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