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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eel River Organic India Pale Ale IPA

Eel River Organic India Pale Ale IPA, a year-long offering from Eel River Brewing, poured the color of iced tea into the glass, with a bright white head and medium carbonation.  The nose was almost non-existent, to the point where any aromas I detected were questionably just my imagination.

Eel River IPA opened with a well carbonated but slightly watery start.  Light flavors of floral hops peeked out over a subtle vanilla malt sweetness in the middle, and the ale ended with an extremely clean finish and no lingering bitterness.

Eel River Organic IPA may be one of the most subdued and non-aggressive IPAs available, weighing in with less hops, bitterness, and alcohol than many Northwest pale ales.  The result is a pleasantly drinkable, but thoroughly average, ale drinking experience.  Good for the hop novice.

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