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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deschutes Inversion India Pale Ale IPA

Deschutes Inversion India Pale Ale IPA, a year-round staple of Deschutes Brewing, poured a jewel-tone reddish-orange into the glass, topped bu a thick, off-white head fed by a fair amount of carbonation trails.  The IPA exhibited a classic Northwest hop profile of flowers and spruce.  

Inversion IPA opened with bitter grapefruit rind and a melange of blurred hops.  As the ale settled, a semi-sweet caramel malt background did come through, but only as a support to the increasingly bitter hops flavors.  The ale ended on an extended, bitter grapefruit rind flavor.

As what used to be one of the IPA staples of every bar in Southern Oregon, Deschutes Inversion IPA is unabashedly hoppy and bitter.  Although the intensity of the bitterness will put off hop haters and the two dimensional makeup makes it a little too aggressive after a few bottles, it was surprisingly refreshing to revisit this Oregon staple. 

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