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Thursday, September 15, 2011

McMenamins Ringler’s Pub (Portland, OR)

McMenamin Brothers’ downtown Portland-based Ringler’s Pub under the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom was conveniently located close to Powell’s Books and a great way to kill the Post-Stumptown jitters before hitting the town-

Surprisingly light on raspberries (other than the beautiful color of the ale), this tastefully crafted fruit wheat beer was the perfect way to start the tasting. 

The Hammerhead found a nice, if somewhat two dimensional, balance between a medium bodied malt background and light hopping. 

Sunflower IPA was clearly the dog of the group, although it was far from a bad beer… just too generic and unexciting to compete with the deluge of amazing IPAs coming out of Portland.

Terminator Stout was appropriately dark and brimming with coffee and roasted malts.  A little thick in the mouth and a little too bitter in the fade, this stout (like most) would have been better enjoyed on a colder, rainy day (also known as “the other ten months” in Portland)

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