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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HUB Hopworks Rise-Up Red NW Ale

HUB Hopworks Rise-Up Red NW Ale, a regular offering from HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewing), poured a deep crimson into the glass, supporting a sticky tan head.  There were loads of pine in the nose, 
with nothing but the slightest bit of sweetness coming through from the malt.

HUB Rise-Up Red NW Ale hit the palette spicy pine with bitterness and immediately coated my mouth with a thick stickiness.  The malt became more present as the ale settled, adding a sweet caramel to the flavor, but the hops never ceded control, even as the ale faded in an extended bitter close.

HUB Hopworks Rise-Up Red NW Ale is easily described as an IPA with a slightly thicker and creamier body.  Rather middle of the road for HUB, but given their track record, that’s not too bad.

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