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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eel River Flight

The Eel River Taproom & Grill, in Fortuna, CA, was a pleasant break from camping, and a good chance to try their beers at the source (I was extremely disappointed with a bottle of their Porter I tried early this year).  With Aunt, Brother, and Brother-In-Law in tow, I headed north for some crisp refreshment-

Crispy, subtle berries lent a nice tartness to this dry, wheat ale.

California Blonde was crisp and bright, with a tight malt profile that avoided being too weighty or cloying, and had the signature Eel River subtle finish.

Nice and refreshing, with a strong but light and balanced malt profile.

Another un-hoppy IPA from Northern California?!?  Yup.  Good, and very European.

Wow… what a 180 from my experience with the bottle earlier this year.  The porter was as crisp and dry as most Eel River offerings, with light notes of roasted grain and coffee and a respectful, almost minty hopping.

Big and sweet, as one would expect from a Belgian strong ale,

Thick, heavy, and black as tar.  Full review to come.

Eel River Saison
The Saison stood out the furthest from the rest of the flight as it was the only offering that didn’t have the Eel River twang at the end.  Sufficiently farmy and a little light.

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