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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Pilot Series Ale

Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Ale, part of Alaskan Brewing’s Pilot Series, poured a pink-tinged cloudy amber color with a loose white head.  The nose carried through fresh raspberries and wheat.

Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Ale opened with a strong, tart raspberry presence over a faint, slightly sweet malt.  The first sips were bone dry, with the slow-to-sweeten raspberry flavors being cut by a rising wheat aspect.  The ale did sweeten as I drank through the bottle, but never became truly sweet.

Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Pilot Series Ale is an interesting ale that managed to challenge most of my expectations, and is certainly worth checking out… but I doubt you’ll be picking up a second bottle.

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