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Friday, August 19, 2011

Williams Bros Alba Scots Pine Ale

Alba Scots Pine Ale, brewed by Williams Brows Brewing Co., poured a slightly hazy Copper color into the wine goblet (as recommended by the label) with almost no head or carbonation to be found.  The nose was mostly dark, sugar malt with a bit of spruce on the outside.

Alba Scots Pine Ale opened sweet and malty, with alcohol heat opening up the sinuses.  The sweetness mellowed out and allowed for dry cocoa and caramel to come through. Pine oil coated my mouth and the ale fades in sticky, warm pine and butter finish.

Alba Scots Pine Ale is an interesting ale, but the sticky tar mouth feel played a bit too in-hand with the spruce and pinecone flavors.  Like chewing on a spruce twig.

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