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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale Whiskey Barrel-Aged

Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale, a collaboration between Rogue Brewmaster John Maier and Rogue Spirits Master Distiller John Couchot, poured a hazy light copper into the glass with little carbonation and not much head to speak of.  The nose carried through malt sweetness (something like an Imperial Maibock), some fruit, and just a hint of oak.

Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale opened slightly heavy on the sweet malt with notes of Rogue’s signature yeast, and settled into a chewy body with more carbonation that expected.  The oak and whiskey were surprisingly light (lighter than in previous batches I’ve tried), and subtle to the point of barely being detected.  The ale ended on a sweet malt and dry whiskey fade.

Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale is, like most of their brews, a great beer.  That said, I would have preferred they used the Double Dead Guy as the base beer for something a little bigger and more aggressive, especially considering the high price tag. 

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