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Monday, August 1, 2011

Avery Brewing Hog Heaven Dry-Hopped Barleywine

Avery Brewing Hog Heaven Dry-Hopped Barleywine, by Avery Brewing, poured a lightly cloudy amber hue into the glass, with very mild carbonation slowly working through the thick body to a small, short-lived sticky cream head.  Grapefruit and pine stood out over a sweet caramel candy malt.

Avery Brewing Hog Heaven Barleywine opened with a thick and peppery start and followed through with caramel smoothness and a slight rising bitterness.  The ale showed its heat in the belly and ears more than in the mouth, and faded on a clean, earthy note.

Avery Brewing Hog Heaven Dry-Hopped Barleywine is complex and dangerously drinkable.  It manages to avoid the thickness in body, cloying dried-fruit sweetness, and general heaviness associated with a barleywine-style ale and gives the experienced drinker a lot to chew over.

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