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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Widmer Bros Nelson Imperial IPA

Widmer Bros Nelson Imperial IPA, a newer offering from Widmer Brothers, poured a crimson clover honey hue in the glass with a small, sticky head.  Big, sweet nectarine and lesser notes of pine led the nose.

Widmer Bros Nelson Imperial IPA opened with a sweet honey and orange liqueur start, with some rind bitterness making an appearance in the middle.  The ale maintained its dark character as it smoothed out into a slightly hot, slightly sweet creamy fade.

Widmer Bros Nelson Imperial IPA seemed to carry a dark citrus tone throughout the drinking experience.  It was a bit less refined and more aggressive than many imperial IPAs, but by no means overbearingly so.  For the price, and considering the competition sitting next to it on the shelf, I doubt this ale will make it into regular rotation in my fridge, but it certainly can stand on its own.

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